Friday, February 12, 2010


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have some very distinguished guests to breakfast with, my sister and her boyfriend (thanks to A. O. for the lovely pictures). The day after their arrival I was up first, so I got a little head start on breakfast.
I had been thinking about what to do with the leftover pickling liquid from a jar of pickled fennel carrots I had made a few days before, (they were delicious, thanks!) and realised that they would make a perfect seasoning for a potato salad. I had some leftover red potatoes, a red onion that needed to get used up, some parsley, mustard, etc. In short, I had all the necessary ingredients. By the time my guests were up the potatoes were happily boiling, the onions and parsley were chopped, and the vinaigrette was marinating.
We made a little tea (Earl gray, if I remember correctly, or possibly jasmine green). To go with the potatoes I made some simple egg sandwiches. Two fried eggs (over easy), tarragon, and a couple thin slices of raclette melted briefly on the eggs, and the last few little dabs of the moutard aux fines herbes I had brought back with me on my last trip to France. Here is the final plate.

Was it delicious? Let's see if the most discerning gourmand I know wanted any.

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