Friday, May 29, 2009

Cako-Italian Breakfast

Well, that's the cake. We had most of it. For breakfast.

The rest of it was organic whole wheat spaghetti with lemon pepper tempeh and more homemade pesto. How long does pesto keep? I'm feeling at this point that it's a good idea to eat it as quickly as possible. It was pretty good, not earth-shattering of course but for a quickie...

Full disclosure. I wanted to include a photograph here, but the picture I took looks gross. It came out looking kind of grey, and the chunks of tofu just look like clotted green masses. The whole thing has a kind of intestinal quality to it. Oh what the hell, you deserve to know the truth.

The smoothie was Peach Mango Banana, and the tea was screwed up again. dammit.

I didn't quite have enough tea left to do a full gallon, so I did about three quarters of a gallon which turned out to still be WAY TO MUCH. What the hell, I do this for a living! Why can't I get it right in my own home? Anyway, it came out good but too mild for my tastes. That's it for the lyonnais darjeeling, I'll have to get some more of my own if I want to get it right.

And everyone missed Ballz!, especially Ruby.

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