Sunday, May 17, 2009

Franco-Mexi-Irish Breakfast!

The First Course
A bowl and a half of Honey Nut Cheerios each, whole Vitamin D milk for me, Light Soy milk for the lady. The dog licked both bowls. Meanwhile, I opened up the fridge and found only two eggs. Hmmm. Lately I'd been doing this kind of Soysauge Breakfast Sandwich thing, but that had two eggs each! It was time to improvise.

What was in the fridge?
Some weird "grilled" tofu was the only firm tofu at the store the other day. It was packaged like regular tofu, but at a deeply discounted price, and had black spots on it that were supposed, I guess, to suggest "grilling."

Some Mexican Farmer's Cheese!
Pomegranate Black Bean Salsa
Sour Cream
Garlic and Shallots
Mixed Baby Greens
A Lemon
Some F*ing Amazing Whole Grain Dijon (From France)
Whole Wheat Wraps

Breakfast Burrito with Salad and side of Sausage it is!
So I started to make the tofu scramble with two eggs, some tofu (drained, of course, under my roommates stack of vogue magazines [don't tell!]),one garlic clove and one shallot. Mixed it up good, put it in gramma's cast iron with a little butter. At this point I looked at the cheese. Suspiciously. It wasn't opened, but I barely remember buying it, which meant it was about two months old. But hey, cheese keeps sometimes, right?

It kind of passed the smell test, but had a distinct uric taste. Too bad. Unfortunately, the Parmesan was kind of moldy too, but that's a story for another time. That left me with this goddamn 5 pound block of Aged Irish Cheddar that I got from the Restaurant Depot a little while back, it's delicious but I'm getting a little tired of it. That's the drawback to buying bulk, I guess, but it went in the burrito nonetheless. Really, I'm just lucky I had that salsa kicking around. Once the egg tofu scramble cooked up nice, cheese all melted, we assembled the burritos.

The Salad
The greens with a little mustard vinaigrette sounded fine, but maybe I had one more ingredient to give it a little pizzazz? I rummaged around in the fridge a little more, and what did I find? A little package of radishes! Perfect! It was as though I had written a letter to myself, from the past, to the future! Seriously, how did I know that radishes were going to be the perfect thing?

The Smoothie
Banana, Strawberry and Blueberry with Ginger, Flax Seeds and Raw Honey.

The Tea
Oolong- Fu Yian (Biodynamic)
A nice little number I picked up at the Tea Palace in Lyon, a wonderful store in a city that otherwise has pretty much just Lipton and thinks that Twinings is gourmet.
This bad boy is about 70 percent oxidized, pretty dark, and has a real nice sweetness that emerges in the second steeping.

The Results?

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