Monday, May 18, 2009

Sequels are never as good, especially when they're made on a Monday

So here's that tofu I was talking about. Pretty weird, huh? Notice the un-
ally low price tag. And the spots.

I wanted to rework yesterday's breakfast a little, you know, at least add a little avocado. I stopped by the market on my way home, and realized I only had $5.43 left. Good thing I didn't give T. (or Ty, or Pete, or whatever his name was, I didn't quite catch it) that $4 he was trying to hit me up for. With this I figured I could get one avocado, a dozen awful eggs, and a kiwi. I had almost a dollar left over! I really wanted some mexican cheese too, but that'll have to wait til payday.

We set about making breakfast, but things got a little rocky. We were under a little time pressure, thanks to NYC's delightful Alternate Side Parking regulations, plus I had a "case of the mondays" and was "being bossy," according to someone who was there. I kept correcting her breakfast technique, meanwhile I'm dropping the radishes, oversteeping the tea, and forgetting the sausage. But we pulled together, and had a nice groggy breakfast together (apologizing is the best). We even got the car moved in time.

How was it?
so so! The burrito was better with the avocado (duh) and the smoothie was a little better with kiwi instead of strawberry. However, I didn't really have time to remake the tea, which wound up tasting like impatience and condescension. I guess you actually eat what you are, and not the other way around.

does that make sense?

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