Thursday, May 28, 2009

Filipino Breakfast!

Does this count? I didn't make anything here. Also, this was days ago. Sunday, May 24th, for my ruthlessly precise, fact-checking readers. Yes, I'm behind, and slightly stressed about it. Is this why people stop updating blogs?

The Backstory
My Sweet Lady, Unicorn Girl (Henceforth, SLUG)'s parents agreed to take Ballz! the dog into their home. This meant a sudden trip to Falls Church,Virginia! Once I got the recycling bag taped up onto the rear windshield (yep, someone "accidentally smashed it about five minutes before I was going to leave [did I mention my bike got stolen too? It's been a rough week]) and threw some off-brand granola bars into the back seat, it was time to go.

Did they take him?

Yes they did! Here he is on his new hardwood floors. Let's just hope he behaves himself (not possible) and doesn't embarrass me (nope).

Ahem, well, what did you have for breakfast!

Lots of things! The tea was generic green tea, not bad at all. When I got upstairs from a deep sleep in the windowless guest room, the table was laden with all manner of foodstuffs, including a lot of cake. Now I know where SLUG's habit of eating cake for breakfast comes from! As I was picking through the pastry plate, SLUG's father said, proudly "and these are traditional Philippino desserts." To which SLUG responded, loudly, "You got these from Trader Joe's! Ha Ha Ha!" Hilarious! The fact is, there was a lot of Philippino stuff on the table; Empanadas, Coconut Sticky Rice, Weird Gelatinous Sweet Corn Brick. The first two were a huge hit, I'll take a pass on the third. Can you see it there, in the corner?

The best part of breakfast, though, besides the fact that Ballz! waited 'til we were hours down the road to start completely terrorizing them (and the fact that a real family of grown up people was running around their large and lovely home, yelling "Ballz! Ballz!")
was the fact that SLUG's nunai (sp.?) was stirring a giant pot of cabbage and vegetables the whole time. We weren't sure what it was for, until we were about to leave and a big plate of fresh-made spring rolls were thrust into our hands. We ate them in the car, without napkins, wiping our greasy fingers on our pants, with the windows down going 90 on the interstate, listening to the same album over and over again. Another successful breakfast!

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