Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Japanese Breakfast (actually May 22nd)

Clearly, I relented a little bit. Here is some evidence that I gave both dogs a little piece of cracked pepper smoked salmon, AT LEAST ONCE.

Ballz! grew on me a little. I really wish I could have kept him, but times being what they are...

Breakfast was Sushi Bowls- short grain brown rice with a healthy dose of seasoned rice vinegar (the [delicious] key to sushi), the afore-mentioned salmon, avocado, and Wakame flakes. The flakes added a really nice crunchy texture. And so full of fiber, too!

I can't remember what was in the smoothie.

Doesn't it look pretty gross?

Well,it wasn't!

It was delicious (whatever it was).

The tea, by the way, was more of the previous day's over-steeped sun Darjeeling. For those of you keeping track, I steeped it about half an hour. If I had it to do again, I'd do twenty minutes in indirect light.

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